What Teachers Have to Say About Science Cut Ups®

Lisa Whitson of Grand Prairie ISD
Love the stuff!
Nia Lawrence of Dallas ISD
My school ordered all the Biology ones and have used them for the past few years. We love them!
Betty Jo Moore, National Geographic Certified Teacher
I've been meaning to write to tell you how much I have enjoyed using your materials/kits in class. I plan to order more this year. Very glad Margaret Baguio had you talk to us and present a session at LiftOf in 2016! Your materials are EXCELLENT!
Staci Mills of Lipan ISD
Your "TEKS Review-5th Grade 10 Activity Stations" set is amazing!
Diane Chambers of Pottsboro ISD
I love your Cut Ups . . . you are so creative. These have been very helpful in supporting what I teach and provides pictures that tie with information that's easy to remember. Kids love them!
Winifred Trevino of Pearsall ISD
I purchased your Science Cut Ups at CAST. They are really nice. Thank you for your hard work!
Janet Mora of McAllen ISD
I attended the training for 1st grade. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the workshop. I thought it was the perfect length of time and topics/ideas were well-thought out. I loved your approach to teaching science . . . lots of hands-on, stressing vocabulary, and teaching kids to be uber-observant. You answered all my questions and gave scientific reasons behind your answers. I love it when a presenter doesn't just give you an answer but explains "why" without being asked. Great Workshop!
Sharon Hedges of Edna ISD writes:
Thank you for sharing such great strategy with us today. I haven't found a workshop so useful in 20 years. I plan to begin using the Biology review tomorrow. Thank you so very much.
Shannon Reeves of Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD writes:
I used the Galaxies Cut Up this past week. I love it! We took it in so many different directions. Every time I use a Cut Up I marvel at all of the wonderful ideas in your your head that you can turn into a useful tool for learning. I appreciate all of the work you have put into your products. They are top notch and the science is always CORRECT! Thanks for your time and effort!
Tammy Taylor of Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD writes:
Thank you so much for sending the corrected cards. I completely forgot about them in the aftermath of STAAR testing. Thank you for not forgetting about me! Thank you for the Weather vs Climate set.  It is definitely a set I can use and was a weak area for my kids on the 2014 STAAR. I've never experienced such fantastic customer service. I praised your website and posted a link to sciencecutups.com on my Facebook page.
Diane Chambers of Pottsboro Middle School writes:
I am excited at receiving and using all the Science Cut Ups I ordered. Thanks for your genius work in creating Science Cut Ups!
Kimberly Bundy of Westwood ISD writes:
Loving your products! (TEKS Review for Biology)
Denise Smith of Southlake Carroll ISD writes:
We are presently using your TEKS review for 5th Grade and LOVE it!
Debbie Brown of Crestview Elementary writes:
Thank you so much! This was one of, if not the best, workshop I have ever attended (Cuttin' Up with 5th Grade Review). Thank you for sharing with us!
Cayla Cielencki of Amarillo ISD, TX writes:
My Amarillo teachers loved the new Science Cut Ups! Thanks for great TEKS-aligned products designed with student learning in mind that are VERY teacher friendly! You rock lady! See you at TSELA and CAST!
Audrey Davidson of Everman writes:
I am putting together my 5th grade review pack and love how easy it is to differentiate for my lower learners!
Lora Richardson of Miami, TX writes:
I just wanted to thank you for your product. I attended your training at Region 16 Science Summit. It was great! I make new things like this all the time for my classroom. It saves me so much time to order them from you. Also, the quality and pricing of your product is great. I received my order this week and am busy getting the cut ups ready for TAKS review. Thank YOU!
Nancy Oertli of Brenham, TX writes:
Just wanted you to know my sister-in-law was thrilled with her Primary Sampler for Christmas. She is a long time 2nd grade teacher and was very excited at the topics covered (especially day and night). She was particularly pleased to have the observation cards to give the kids direction when they write. Thank you for the great products that are right on target with science in Texas!
Heather Griffin of Wharton, TX writes:
I am using these for review for semester exams and my students told me this is the best review they have had because it helps them remember the information without having to listen to their teacher talking! Thanks for your great products.
Liz Eddy of Uvalde, TX writes:
I viewed your TAKS review for 5th grade and had a teacher I work with go by and look at it, too, while we were at CAST. I am loving the student-centered nature of it and I feel you've done an excellent job capturing the language and thinking of our revised TEKS.
Kim Ottosen of Houston, TX writes:
I attended your MAX the TAKS training a while back. I used it with my classes the month before testing with great success, we reached exemplary!
Angela Gockley of Lewisburg, PA writes:
I wanted to let you know that I used the Physical and Chemical Changes cards for the first time and what a wonderful thing it was! All the kids were engaged, the concepts were practiced and cemented, and everyone was happy! Thanks for a great product!
Denise Oppenhagen of Woodbridge, VA writes:
I have many of your Cut Ups and LOVE them. Thanks for all your hard work. It makes my job much easier!
Cara Nanez of Irving , TX writes:
We love the notebooking DVD . . . we have some plans already to use it next year for training. It's wonderful as are all of your products.
Pam Donze of Flower Mound, TX writes:
Density Dilemma was great! It really engages critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students used the triangle formula as a tool to help them. Students collaborated to solve the puzzle and create a quality journal entry. Pre-AP students created graphs on their graphing calculators and re-created them in their journals. Thanks so much, Rosemary!
Christie Langlais in Allen, TX writes:
Can't wait to get the materials to use for this year. My students love the ones I received in the past. My hope is to use some of them in small group centers this year. I have learned so much from your workshops the past several summers.
Beth Kalinowski of Wharton, TX writes:
Your products are such a great resource for my classroom. I am currently enrolled in a Teacher Quality Grant and our instructors agree that your materials are a must for science instruction. I also noticed you offer trainings. I'll pass this information along to our curriculum coordinator as we are in the process of scheduling our summer staff development.

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