About me...

I am Rosemary Martin, the face behind Science Cut Ups.

I am a life-long learner. The part of my career I’m most proud of is my 25 years as a classroom teacher in middle and high schools. I was also privileged to serve 6 years as an Elementary Science Coordinator in a large suburban district and as a facilitator to teachers undertaking a Master of Science program. In all these roles I learned so much from students, colleagues, administrators and mentors.

During retirement I wanted to stay connected to my two passions, science and teachers. I found a great way to accomplish that by authoring, co-authoring, reviewing and supporting many product materials as well as creating my own. When you support me, through a purchase or attending a presentation, you are supporting my passion to provide engaging ways for students to learn science while saving teachers time. THANK YOU! 

My why...

Teaching is the hardest job I know and I want to help teachers work smarter, not harder.

Brain research has identified that more memorable learning occurs when students are interacting with each other and the content using multiple modalities.

Teachers lack the time, resources or skills to create or find high quality standards-based materials for small group instruction.

Student learning isn’t a guaranteed outcome of teaching but I hope through the materials and presentations I make to positively affect the way teachers teach in order to ensure that memorable student learning is likely to occur.

My dream...

I want students to be so engaged in interactive activities that they are upset when they have to stop because the class time is over.

I want teachers to feel the satisfaction of stepping back and watching engaged groups of students debating and explaining their thinking as they navigate through interactive science experiences.

My mission...

Our business exists to serve and support teachers by providing high quality, standards-based materials and professional learning opportunities that are challenging and engaging, so that they can meet the needs of the students in their classrooms.