What Teachers Have to Say About Science Cut Ups®

9-11-2021 Here to Help Science Teachers commented about Observations vs Inferences, "Totally awesome, great hands on activity! Thanks!"

9-6-2021 Jennifer Flores commented about What's the Temperature?, Loved this resource! Very useful!"

9-6-2021 Magda Rojas commented about Weather vs Climate, "My students enjoyed using this resource to practice for STAAR during our review station time. Great engagement."

9-6-2021 Magda Rojas commented about Revolution & Rotation, "My students enjoyed working through this during stations to reinforce learning that took place previously in the school year."

8-27-2021 Meenakshi Chhabra commented about Acids, Bases & Salts, "Thanks, extremely satisfied."

8-26-2021 Katherine Moser commented about The Cell Theory Game, "My students loved this game! I used it as a station and gave them 12 minutes. Some of the questions were difficult for them but they were engaged and working together!"

8-25-2021 Kathleen Turner commented about Microscope Parts, "I put this as part of a station rotation. Students enjoyed the activity."

8-22-2021 Carolyn Stewart commented about Claims vs Evidence, "My students enjoyed debating whether the claims were valid or not. I heard great discussions."

8-16-2021 Ashley Mainil commented about the Groundwater-Surface Water System lesson on the downloads page, "Great resource!, extremely satisfied."

8-16-2021 Mary Poarch commented about More Variables, Claims-Evidence-Reasoning I, and Heat Transfer Types, "Cut Ups are the best!!! They are so versatile that they can be used in dozens of ways in a classroom. I've designed lessons around them, used them as warm-ups, formative assessment, review, and in stations. They are easy to implement and ALWAYS very well done, extremely satisfied."

8-16-2021 Kathleen Turner commented about Tools of Science-Middle School, "I used many of the Cut-Up resources when teaching 5th grade. Teaching 7th now and students enjoyed this activity. Looking forward to using more resources like this, extremely satisfied."

7-19-2021 Angie Presswood commented about Sorting Shells-Dichotomous Key. "Good resource, extremely satisfied."

7-14-2021 Jessica Wilson commented about Researching Resources, "Students enjoyed this resource, extremely satisfied."

7-11-2021 Katie W. commented about Conservation of Mass, "I love these digital versions of Science Cut Ups!! I use the paper ones in class and these are great for virtual."

7-10-2021 Christine M L. commented about Motion Graph Match, "I was so happy to find a digital version of this! It was perfect during the pandemic since we couldn't use the paper version."

7-9-2021 Jessica H. commented about Conservation of Mass, "My students loved this and I think it was great to help with balancing equations. It is a little tedious on a small Chromebook screen but I am going to use it on my smartboard this year."

6-24-2021 Shade Tree Thinkin' commented about Chemical Reactions, "I already had the paper copy of this activity from years ago, but wanted a few more sets so I ordered it to get the digital. My kids enjoy the Science Cut Up activities."

6-8-2021 Carrie F. commented about Tidal Patterns, "A nice visual way to help my students understand the cause and changing times of tides."

6-3-2021 Robin Murphy commented about Wave Interactions, "Thanks, extremely satisfied."

5-21-2021 Jody Nolting commented about Food Web Work, "This activity is fun, engaging, and self-explanatory. My students loved it. Thank you!"

4-30-2021 Magda Rojas commented about Life Cycles of Plants & Animals, "Wonderful resources to support online and in-person students."

4-29-2021 Amanda Singley commented about Solutions & Mixtures Clue Hunt, "Great resource, extremely satisfied."

4-26-2021 PROJECT Science commented about Separating Mixtures, "Thank you! My 5th graders loved this activity and it generated a lot of meaningful discussions."

4-25-2021 Ada Piazze commented about Food Chain Fallout-SPANISH, "Great resource, extremely satisfied."

4-14-2021 Sarah Rommens commented about Separating Mixtures, "This was a great alternative to having students physically separate mixtures which can be difficult now with COVID restrictions. Students enjoyed thinking critically about common products that they are familiar with and how they could separate them using various different methods. It really got them thinking!"

4-7-2021 Krystina Valdes commented about Motion Graph Match, "This was great for my intervention class. The kids really were able to understand the idea of how to use the graphs and what they are telling you."

4-1-2021 Mrs A's Intriguing Science commented about Par the STAAR for 2019 EOC Biology Released Test, "This helped the students determine what areas they were deficient in, and where they needed to concentrate their studying, extremely satisfied."

4-1-2021 Samantha VanDelinder commented about Watershed Welfare, "Like the real-world application options."

3-26-2021 Mikaela Andres commented about Topographic Maps, "Loved this assignment! GREAT map choices. I was happy it had some Texas places, which my students have heard of more than a lot of the normal features used with Topography lessons."

2-22-2021 Tara Reef commented about Plate Tectonics, I used this resource as a formative assessment after a reteach of Plate Tectonics. The students were struggling with examples of what forms at each boundary type. The Science Cut Up helped, especially since they could use the process of elimination."

2-7-2021 Saul Cepeda commented about Leaf Lineup-Dichotomous Key, "This was a really great help for teaching out topic!!! Thanks!!!"

1-30-2021 Tammy Zamora commented about Soil Formation Story, "Great resource! Thank You!"

1-15-2021 Mary Poarch commented about Tidal Patterns, "Outstanding!"

10-15-2020 Torre Stewart commented about Separating Mixtures, "Awesome Sauce! Love It! Completely aligned to standards."

9-13-2020 Margie Hastings commented about Separating Mixtures, "My students were challenged by this but not the the point of frustration. I will use it again for review."

9-30-2020 Anissa Umfleet commented about Stimulus & Response, "These are great examples of stimulus & response. So many options."

8-27-2020 Holloway Physics commented about Motion Graph Match, "This was a great resource for my students to use. It was easy for them to follow the instructions and linked well with my school's online LMS."

4-16-19 Lisa Whitson of Grand Prairie ISD

Love the stuff!

4-1-19 Nia Lawrence of Dallas ISD

My school ordered all the Biology ones and have used them for the past few years. We love them!

1-21-19 Betty Jo Moore, National Geographic Certified Teacher

I've been meaning to write to tell you how much I have enjoyed using your materials/kits in class. I plan to order more this year. Very glad Margaret Baguio had you talk to us and present a session at LiftOf in 2016! Your materials are EXCELLENT!

4-12-17 Staci Mills of Lipan ISD

Your "TEKS Review-5th Grade 10 Activity Stations" set is amazing!

4-4-17 Diane Chambers of Pottsboro ISD

I love your Cut Ups . . . you are so creative. These have been very helpful in supporting what I teach and provides pictures that tie with information that's easy to remember. Kids love them!

4-3-17 Winifred Trevino of Pearsall ISD

I purchased your Science Cut Ups at CAST. They are really nice. Thank you for your hard work!

7-29-16 Janet Mora of McAllen ISD

I attended the training for 1st grade. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the workshop. I thought it was the perfect length of time and topics/ideas were well-thought out. I loved your approach to teaching science . . . lots of hands-on, stressing vocabulary, and teaching kids to be uber-observant. You answered all my questions and gave scientific reasons behind your answers. I love it when a presenter doesn't just give you an answer but explains "why" without being asked. Great Workshop!

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